What is a press release? Write its importance and basic elements: Business Communication: BBS Second

Business Communication: BBS Second

What is a press release? Write its importance and basic elements.


  •  An official Statement of any organization
  • To announce important news
  • News about an event, product or service or certain changes
  • Focused information or message
  • Related to news report to make it public
  • Follows journalistic frame work
  • Types are general, event, launch, product, personal news release, etc.

Basic Elements of Press Release are:

  • Head: related with the name and logo of the organization
  • Dateline: Date of Press release
  • Headline: Major issue of the release
  • 1st Paragraph: Synopsis of the release
  • Body Paragraph: Further Explanation of your press release
  • Boilerplate: Background information about the organization
  • Ending: Used for longer messages

Importance of Press Release

  • Way to reach Media
  • Effective way to communicate organizations’s message
  • To build relationship with journalists
  • To share company’s products and services
  • To stop the flow of negative message about the company


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