Define financial management and Write its importance: BBS Second: Financial Management

BBS Second: Financial Management

Answer in English and Nepali Medium


Define financial management and Write its importance: (10)

  • Known as managerial finance and business finance.

  • The main goal of the business organization is to achieve the set goal.

  • Issues related to the management of the organization.

  • The most efficient mobilization of available financial resources.

  • Related to fundraising, investing and maximizing profits.

  • Without this, effective operation of business organization is not possible.

  • This includes business organization planning, financial need forecasting, mobilization of financial resources and effective allocation, risk assessment and mitigation

Write its importance:

1. To achieve the goals of the organization

Financial management is very important to achieve the set goals of the business organization.

2. To determine strategies to achieve the goals of the organization.

It is important for the organization to develop strategies to achieve its goals.

3. To evaluate the work.

Evaluating the work done at the right time makes it easier to achieve the set goals of the business organization, so financial management helps to move forward by evaluating the work in time.

4. Maximum mobilization of resources.

Personal management focuses on maximizing the mobilization of resources so that business goals can be achieved in a timely manner.

5. In Coordination

Coordinating all the activities of the organization achieves the financial goals in which the financial management assists.

6. Fair distribution of returns.

The equitable distribution of the returns received by the business organization will further help in the development of the organization.

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