BBS Second English Business Communication New Syllabus/Course Details 2078 TU Four Year BBS

TU BBS Second English New Syllabus/Course Details 2078

(BBS second year English courses in 4yr BBS system under the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University)



Course Name: MGT 205: Business Communication

Full Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 35                        Lecture Hours: 150

Course Description:

Two Major  Components of this course
I. Business Communication Skills: 50%
II. Discourse in Disciplines: 50%

Course Contents

  1. Business Communication Skills: 50%
1 I. The Communication Process – Elements of Communication Process – Methods of Communication – The Writing Process – Oral Communication Process – Group Work and Collaboration Process – Communication Structures and Systems – Management Style and Communication – Barriers of Business Communication
2 II. Business Communication – Defining Business Communication – Nature of Communication – Historical Perspectives – Purpose of Business Communication – Functions of Business Communication – Importance of Business Communication – Components of Business Communication – Types of Business Communication – Principles of Effective Business Communication – Challenges for Business Communication
3 III. Skills and Values in Business Communication – The Importance of Communication Skills – Identifying Communication Skill Sets – Organizational Communication Skills – Interpersonal Communication Skills – Leadership Communication Skills – Professionalism in Business Communication – Elements of Professionalism – Ethical Values – Intercultural Sensitivities
4 IV. Electronic and Other Messages  – Memos – Notices – Letters – Using Email – Blogs – Advertisements – Press Release
5 V. Reports and Proposals – Business Plan – Reports – Proposals
6 VI. Oral Communication – Presentations and Speeches – Telephone Calls – Other Oral Communication Situations – Enhancing Oral Communication – Using Visual Aids – Using Nonverbal Communication VII. Visual Communication – Pictures – Charts – Graphics
7 VIII. Employment Communication – Planning and Conducting a Job Search – Resumes and Cover Letters – Job interview
  1. Discourse in Disciplines: 50%
1 I. Culture and Society:

(6 Chapters)






1 New Nepal
2 Looking for a Rain God
3 Dover Beach
4 Shooting an Elephant
5 The Unknown Citizen
6 The Parrot in the Cage
2 II. Money and Management 1 Advertise Your Business
2 Eveline
3 The Company Man
4 Light My Lucky
5 The Ideal of Craftsmanship
3 III. Science and Environment 1 Religion and Science
2 The New Physics
3 Root Cellar
4 On Warts
5 The Etiquette of Freedom
6 The Rights of Animals


IV. Gender and Women 1 Professions for Women
2 The Use of Force
3 The Stronger
4  Here I Love You
5 The Kiss
6 Girl
7 Farewell
8 Popular Mechanics
5 V. Life, Death and Beyond 1 The Fly
2 Jest and Earnest
3 The Old Man at the Bridge
4 Once More to the Lake
5 The Hundredth Dove
6 The Lunatic
6 VI. Art and Philosophy 1 An Essay in Aesthetics
2 The Clock Tower
3 Beauty
4 From the Fountainhead to the Future
5 What I, Think I Am
6 All-Pervading Poetry
7 The Allegory of the Cave
8 Her First Ball
9 Not the Non-Existent


Prescribed Texts ( Compulsory Reading)

There are two Prescribed Texts:

  1. Business Communication: Theory and Practice: 50 Marks

Adhikari, Dharma, Tika Lamsal, I. Hugh Holmes, and Mike Sobiech. Kathmandu: Buddha Publications, 2020.

  1. Visions: A Thematic Anthology : 50 Marks

 Lohani, S., compiler & editor. Kathmandu: Vidyarthi Pustak, Bhandar, 2020.

Refernce Materials: Recommended Reading

Abrams, M.H., and G.G. Harpham. A Glossary of Literary Terms. 11th ed., Cengage Learning, 2014. Bargiela-Chiappini, Francesca, The Handbook of Business Discourse. Edinburgh UP, 2009. Bovee, C.L., and John Thill. Business Communication Essentials. 7th ed., Pears on, 2016. Chaney, Lilian H. Intercultural Business Communication. 4th ed., Pearson, 2007. Guffey, Mary Allen, and Dana Loewy. Essentials of Business Communication. 11th ed., Cengage Learning, 2018. Hattersley M., and L. Mcjannet. (1997). Management Communication, Principles and Practice. McGraw – Hill, 1997. Jethwaney, J. Corporate Communication. Oxford, 2010. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English. 10th ed., Oxford, 2020. Pearson Education. Longman Business English Dictionary. 2nd ed., Longman, 2018. Parkinson, Dilys, editor. Oxford Business English Dictionary. Oxford, 2005. Tourish, Dennis, and Owen Hargie. Key Issues in Organizational Communication. Routledge, 2004.

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